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Hard earned perspective from the "front lines" of Network Marketing. This unique perspective comes from someone who has 26 consecutive years of making a six figure or greater income from Network Marketing.

This invaluable perspective comes from someone who has trained aspiring MLM Entrepreneurs in more than 20 different countries and who has been featured as a Keynote Speaker before more than one million MLM Entrepreneurs having appeared on stage with former USA Presidents, leading sports figures and renowned motivational figures such as Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Denis Waitley and Brain Tracy.

A Years Worth Of Attitude Pumps

John Terhune's Attitude Pumps...Best Selling Author on the subject matter of People Skills ("Enhanced People Skills" endorsed by Network Marketing Legends Doug Wead and Mark Yarnell)  and who has produced decades of riveting content specific to attitude development and leadership.

Attitude is one of life’s greatest predictors of success.  Join John for his series of Attitude Pumps, short and energy driven videos discussing how to use your attitude to shape your life and business.  These brief yet highly compelling videos will give you the burst of liveliness you need to start your day with a great attitude and end it with extraordinary success.

Amazon's Best Selling
"Enhanced People Skills" eBook

Success in business-success in life is about 10 percent technical skills and 90 percent people skills. It would be difficult to define an area of personal development that has more impact in every area of one's life beyond that of people skills. In "Enhanced People Skills," author John Terhune borrows on his experience as a trial lawyer and business mentor and creates for the reader an acute awareness of the importance of developing "Enhanced People Skills" throughout one's life.

Terhune then supplies his readers with real world strategies that a person can read and immediately use to improve upon their people skills that very day.

Life Achievement Plan

Where almost everyone has heard the following cliche yet only a small percentage of the human race  actually  takes  it  to  heart  and  does  something  about  it. The  vast  majority  of  people  spend more time planning their annual vacation then they do planning their life.

This workbook is meant to provide a pathway away from the actions of the average person who simply let's life  happen to them. This workbook is purposed to provide to the highly ambitious person, a tool to design and plan with great specificity the outcome of their life. If you truly want to predict your life's path there is a simple exercise that is manifested in the exercises within this workbook

Secrets of The Top Producers - MP3

A deep dive into what it takes to be a Top Producer in your company. It's not takes a set of repeated daily actions that you can do to be the next big thing in your company.

John speaks for over 50 minutes diving deep into every action you need to implement now.

The Power of Focus MP3

It's not enough to know about the daily actions you must take to be successful! You need to also learn how to focus and dedicate yourself to those actions, period.

Listen to John pull out all the stops and jump into this topic. Over an hour of powerful insight on what it will take for you to earn 7 figures in your business!

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