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We stand for high quality, experience centered, principle based, comprehensive (mindset and skill set) training that is born from the experience of someone who has made a six figure or above income in Network Marketing for the last 26 consecutive years. We pride ourselves on over-delivering on value and world class content that has been proven over decades. We don't believe in "magic bullets" or quick fixes. Success is a process. No-one will make big money in MLM until they develop into the person they need to be to make the big money. Becoming a six figure or more earner in MLM is not about gimmicks or quick fixes. It is about developing one's self to the point of being able to attract and then lead long term a large team of people who are volunteers and yet they are with you because you are an inspirational leader who makes them believe and want to strive to reach their full potential. We believe in a comprehensive approach to building the person into a six or seven figure income earner.

The most trusted comprehensive resource in the MLM world for principle based, tried and tested training that builds the aspiring MLM'r into a leader who is a professional at their craft and an inspiration to others in the way they conduct their business and their life.

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This unique perspective comes from someone who has 26 consecutive years of making a six figure or greater from Network Marketing.

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We build YOU first; from your mindset, to your attitude to your leadership capabilities, to your confidence level. Proven methods of operation!

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Soft Skills

Learn the "soft skills" necessary to win in Network Marketing!

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Finally start making serious money in your network marketing endeavor.

Clear Direction

Have piece of mind with a clear direction for your network marketing business.

Clear Action Plan

Have a clear action plan and know exactly what you need to do for major success.

Be a confident, postured, professional
who people want to follow and emulate!

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  • A Years worth of Attitude Pumps ($52 Value)
  • Enhanced People Skills ($14.95 value)
  • Life Achievement Plan ($67 value)
  • Secrets of Top Producers ($19.95 value)
  • The Power of Focus ($19.95 value)
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  • Upgrade To Plus Option For $200

His dream early in life was to become a trial attorney. After graduating with honors from the University of South Florida in Tampa, John was accepted into the prestigious Florida State Law School in Tallahassee Florida. While at FSU Law School John was a member of the elite Moot Court Team and in his third year won the title of Top Trial Advocate in a National competition sponsored by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Upon graduation from FSU Law School, John went on to a career as an Assistant State Attorney for the State of Florida. During his decade, long career as a prosecutor he earned top ratings as an attorney heading up the felony division of his circuit in North Florida handling over 5,000 criminal cases and winning 97% of the over 200 cases that he tried before juries. While serving as the Chief Felony Prosecutor, John was also an adjunct instructor teaching Criminal Law, Business Law and Evidence at multiple colleges.

After a decade as a highly successful trial lawyer heading up the felony division of a northern Florida jurisdiction, John entered the Network Marketing arena as a means of income diversification. Applying the same work ethic that had propelled his legal career, John became a six-figure income earner in his first year despite only working his Network Marketing business part time. For the last 26 consecutive years John, has generated a six or seven figure income from his Network Marketing involvement. Terhune’s riveting and passionate programs have made him one of the world’s most in-demand speakers. He has shared the stage with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford; General Norman Schwarzkopf and Colonel Oliver North; football legends Coach Tom Landry and Joe Theisman; and inspirational and motivational figures such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, John Maxwell, and Zig Ziglar.

John has authored multiple books on success principles in business and life to include his favorite subjects of entrepreneurship, attitude development and people skills. John's book entitled "Enhanced People Skills" became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. One of the most important hats he wears is that of an Attitude Coach. In fact, in the last 27 years, he has been an Attitude Coach for thousands of people around the world including entrepreneurs and corporate executives in 18 different countries. His "Attitude Pumps," three to five-minute video and audio messages about developing and protecting a world class attitude, are becoming recognized as the gold standard in attitude development.

Most importantly John is a husband of 33 years, a Father to three amazing children and three...fourth on the way spectacular grandchildren.

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We distain hype, gimmicks and short cuts. We equally distain watered down training that does not lead to actionable results. We hate training for entertainments sake. Network Marketing success doesn't come from mastering technique, it comes from mastering technique and mastering self. Although we teach technique, technique is easy. Anyone can teach technique. Technique minus the "people skill set" and appropriate attitude and leadership skills is worthless. It may make you feel good but it won't put money in your pocket. Network marketing done correctly is about leadership. Leadership is not about technique.

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